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Captioning Videos with Amara

While researching different ways to create accessible content, I came across Amara. Amara is a free tool that allows you to caption your videos through a web-based editor. All you need to do is (1) paste the link of the video file, (2) type what you hear, and (3) sync the captions with the narrator. Once you’ve synced the captions, you can either embed the video player into a website such as Blackboard or download the subtitles file to upload to YouTube or any other caption-enabled video provider.

The screenshot below displays the Amara caption editor. There are three main areas of the editor.

  • Preview Window: This window will display a preview of your video with the added captions.
  • Caption Sync Timeline: This timeline is used to adjust the start and end time of a caption.
  • Caption Editor: This section allows you to type what the narrator is saying.
Annotated screenshot of the Amara Caption Editor


This example was created using a public YouTube video. The caption and transcript views have been enabled in the example below.


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