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Introducing the Bb Grader App

Blackboard has phased out the Bb Grader app and grading is now available in the Bb Instructor App.

After installing Bb Grader, if you are receiving a server connection error, it may be possible that your institution’s Blackboard environment does not meet the prerequisites to run the app. Your Blackboard server should be running Service Pack 13+ and have the mobile learn building block 94.6.0. Find which version of mobile learn your institution is using.

Grading has just gone mobile and got easier. Grade on the go with the BbGrader app available for iPad. With BbGrader, you can annotate on student’s papers, provide feedback by text, audio, or video, and grade with rubrics. Instructors that utilize Retention Center will be able to view a student’s alerts, notify a student directly within the app, view previous communications, and add notes.

The following information is from the September 19th K-12 BITS webinar.


  • Learn Assignment Grading – on a tablet!
  • Support for most Assignment features:
    • Text, Audio, and Video feedback
    • Point comments
    • Private notes
    • Anonymous Assignments
    • Portfolio Assignments
    • Grading with Rubrics
    • Comments within Rubrics
  • Bulk Grade Submission
  • Messaging
  • Retention Center Integration
    • Risk Profile
    • Alerts

The following features are currently unavailable: Delegated Grading, SafeAssign


Bb Grader is currently only available for iPads running iOS 7+.


  • Learn SP13+
  • Mobile Learn Building Block 94.6.0 (available via Software Update at Bb Grader launch)
  • Other Required Building Blocks bundled with SP13
    • Assessments
    • Assignments
    • Grading
    • Discussion Board
    • Blogs and Journals
    • Group Management
    • My Grades
    • Task Progress

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