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Blackboard Labs Launches Bb Student App

Updated: June 22, 2015

Blackboard Labs has released a new Mobile Learn app for students titled Bb Student. The new app has the look and feel of Blackboard’s new design language New School aka the new Blackboard Ultra experience. To use Bb Student your institution must be running version 94.6.3 of the Mobile Learn B2.

The new app is a great modern update to the current version of Mobile Learn. Bb Student is still under the Labs umbrella which means it doesn’t contain all the current Mobile Learn features, yet.

Bb Student is available for iOS, Android and Windows.

About Bb Student: (From Blackboard Labs Site)

Bb Student will help you react quickly to your changing course needs, while learning to plan for the future.

With Bb Student, you can view quick updates to your courses and course content, access a course outline for each of your courses, view the Word, Excel, Powerpoint and .PDF content from your courses, and experience a rich aesthetic that is easy to use and simple to learn.

Learn more about Bb Student

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