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Create pre-filled Google Form links with Blackboard data

With the pre-filled links option in Google Forms, you can easily create unique pre-filled links with Blackboard student data. Currently, you can pull a student’s full name, username, student id, course id, and course name.


  1. From the Google Forms page, click the 3-dot menu, then click Get pre-filled URL.

  2. Enter the following variables into your form and click Get Link.

    Full Name: @[email protected]_name@X@
    Username: @[email protected]@X@
    Student ID: @[email protected]_id@X@
    Course ID: @[email protected]@X@
    Course Name: @[email protected]_name@X@
    View additional variables.

  3. Copy the URL provided.

  4. In Blackboard: Create a new item, and title it.

  5. In the textbox, create a link with the URL you copied from Google Forms.

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