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Creating pre-filled Google Form links with Blackboard data

With the pre-filled links option in Google Forms, you can easily create unique pre-filled links with Blackboard student data. Currently, you are only able to pull a student’s full name, username, course id, and course name. The username may be helpful if your institution uses student id numbers for usernames.

  1. From the Google Forms page, click Responses then Get pre-filled URL.
  2. Enter the following variables into your form and click submit.
Full Name @X@user.full_name@X@
Course ID
Course Name @X@course.course_name@X@
Listing of available Blackboard Template Variables and their outputs.
  1. Copy the URL provided.
  2. In Blackboard: Create a new Item.
  3. In the text box enter: Click here to access.
  4. Select the text and make a hyperlink to the Google Forms URL.
  5. Select the target to Open in a New Window.
  6. Click Insert, then Submit.

For additional variables click here.

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