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Gamification with Blackboard: Progress Bar & Badges

This is a continuation to my first post on Gamification with Blackboard Learn.


  • Task: A task is the individual requirement that the student must complete.
  • Rule: A rule contains all the tasks that a student must complete before that rule is marked as complete.
  • Badge: A badge will be awarded when one of the rules is marked as complete.

The Achievements Tool

A key part of gamification is the progress bar and badges. The Achievements tool gives instructors an easy way to create badges that can be awarded automatically after a student completes certain tasks within Blackboard. Tasks for badges include:

  • Membership: This allows you to manually select individual students and/or groups. For example, this rule can be used if only a certain group of students “qualify” for this badge.
  • Grade/Attempt: This option will mark the task as complete based on an activity’s score or a student’s XP total. An option is available to mark the task as complete if the score falls between x and y or if the score is greater than, less than or equal to a value you specify.
  • Review Status: This option will mark the task as complete when the student clicks the “Mark as Reviewed” button.

NOTE: If multiple tasks are all required before a badge is awarded use one rule. If a student must complete one or another task for the badge to be awarded create a rule for each task.

Progress Bar

From the My Achievements page, students will be able to view a progress bar for each badge along with a list of completed and in-progress tasks.

Blackboard My Achievements Progress Bar


When badges are awarded, students will have the option to publish their badge to their Mozilla Open Badges Backpack. When a Course Completion badge is used, a certificate will also be generated for each student.

Blackboard Achievements Tool Badges

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  • Eric, people seem to need some more detailed instructions. One thing I’m particularly interested in is the progress bar. I can bring out something like yours. But it looks static – no matter how I change the grade scores related to it, its appearance is just the same. This is not what a progress bar is meant for, right? Students should be able to know how far they are from achieving a badge by looking at the progress bar. I’m sure I’ve set the trigger correctly; at least looks like. Can you post some more details about setting up the progress bar? Thank you!