Gamification with Blackboard: Progress Bar & Badges

Eric Silva

Eric is a Graduate Student at Boise State University and a Course Developer at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Learn more about me.

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2 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    Is there a step by step methodology to apply gamification in blackboard? I cant seem to find it. Thanks

  2. Kevin says:

    Eric, people seem to need some more detailed instructions. One thing I’m particularly interested in is the progress bar. I can bring out something like yours. But it looks static – no matter how I change the grade scores related to it, its appearance is just the same. This is not what a progress bar is meant for, right? Students should be able to know how far they are from achieving a badge by looking at the progress bar. I’m sure I’ve set the trigger correctly; at least looks like. Can you post some more details about setting up the progress bar? Thank you!

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