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Are your students checking Blackboard? Find out how to check

Are you wondering if your students are regularly checking your Blackboard site? If yes, the Performance Dashboard is a great utility to see an overview of when the last time a student logged in, how many discussion board comments they’ve added, and how many content items they have reviewed. The Performance Dashboard can be accessed from the ‘Evaluation’ tab in the ‘Control Panel.’

The Performance Dashboard is divided into these 11 columns:

  • Last Name, First Name, Username: The student’s name and information.
  • Role: The student’s role in the course.
  • Last Course Access: The date and time the student last accessed your course.
  • Days Since Last Course Access: The number of days since the user last accessed your course.
  • Review Status: Shows the number of items the user has reviewed. For detailed information click the number.
  • Adaptive Release: Displayed only if the adaptive release tool is enabled in your course, clicking the icon opens a new window showing a directory tree of the entire course relative to the user, and their access status. To learn more, see Adaptive Release.
  • Discussion Board: The number of discussion board comments created by the user.
  • Customize Retention Center: Shows the number of triggered rules and the total amount of rules that may trigger a warning.
  • View Grades: Provides a direct link to the Full Grade Center.

In my next post, I will discuss the Retention Center, which is an enhanced version of the Performance Dashboard.

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