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Blackboard Learn Test Question Types with Examples

Question TypeDescriptionExample
Calculated Formula
A calculated formula question allows the instructor to enter variables into the question and a formula. Blackboard will automatically generate a unique question for each student within the variable range you select.Teacher View: If a small soda glass contains [x] ounces of soda, and a large soda glass contains [y] ounces of soda; what is the total number of ounces in 4 large and 3 small glasses of soda?1CalForm
Calculated Numeric
Students are presented with a question that requires a numeric answer. An answer range (+/-) is available to have multiple answers. 2CalNum
In Either/Or questions, students are presented with a statement and asked to respond using a selection of predefined two-choice answers, such as: Yes/No; Agree/Disagree; Right/Wrong; True/False 3EitherOr
Essay questions require the student to type their answer into a text box (WYSIWYG). This question is manually graded. 4Essay
File Response
File Response questions require the student to upload a file from their computer or Content Collection. 5FileResponse
Fill in Multiple Blanks
Fill in the multiple blank questions require the student to provide the missing word(s) for up to 10 blanks. Case Sensitive is available.Teacher View: The oceanic crust is made of [a] and [b] and is [c] [d] thick.6FillInMultiple
Fill in the Blank
Fill in the blank questions require the student to provide the missing word(s) for the sentence or paragraph. Case Sensitive is available. 7FillIn
Hot Spot
Hot Spot questions require the student to select a specific area on an image. 8HotSpot
Jumbled Sentence
Jumbled Sentence questions require students to complete a sentence by selecting words or phrases from a drop-down list.9Jumbled
Matching questions allow students to pair items in one column to items in another column. 10Matching
Multiple Answer
Multiple answer questions allow the student to pick more than one answer choice. 11MultipleAnswer
Multiple Choice
Multiple choice questions allow the student to pick the correct answer from a several choices. 12MultipleChoice
Opinion Scale and Likert
Opinion Scale questions can have a range of choice from 2 to 20. Text of the choice can be changed. 13Likert
Ordering questions require students to put a series of items in a correct order. 14Ordering
Quiz Bowl
Quiz bowl questions are similar to Jeopardy, they must respond with a question. 15QuizBowl
Short Answer
Short Answer questions are similar to Essay questions. A specific number of rows can be displayed, but the student is not limited the specified rows.  This question is manually graded. 16ShortAnswer
True or False
True/False questions allow students to choose either true or false in response to a statement question. 17TrueFalse

Partial Credit:

Partial credit is available for the following question types:

  • Calculated Formula
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks
  • Jumbled Sentence
  • Matching
  • Multiple Answer
  • Multiple Choice
  • Opinion Scale/Likert
  • Ordering
  • Quiz Bowl

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