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Resetting Your Blackboard Default Brand Before Enabling Ultra Base Navigation

One of the goals of Blackboard’s Ultra Design Language is to streamline the design and workflows within Blackboard products. In doing so, the amount of customizations that can be made in the Ultra Experience has been reduced. Specifically, Ultra introduces the new Brands feature that replaces the legacy “Brands and Themes” functionality.

In the original experience, any GUI customizations are placed into a brands.css file that includes your customizations along with additional CSS. If the custom colors are not reset before enabling UBN, you will not be able to change them via the GUI. By resetting the custom colors in Brands and Themes, the brands.css file will be deleted, and your environment will be using the default Learn 2016 theme colors. In the comparison graphic below, you can see this affects the white background color in the breadcrumbs and the lines that appear above and below menu buttons.


Prior to enabling Ultra Base Navigation, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the System Admin tab

  2. Click “Brands and Themes”

  3. Click “Customize Default Brand”

  4. Click “Customize Colors”

  5. Click “Reset Custom Colors”


With Custom Colors Set
Without Custom Colors Set

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