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Blackboard: Show Grade Statistics to Students

Students: If your institution is using Ultra Base Navigation, you can view the class average via the new “How Am I Doing?” Report.

A once hidden feature in Blackboard is the “Show Statistics to students” setting. When this option is selected, students will then be able to see the assignment’s average and median. This is an excellent opportunity for students to see how the class performed on an assignment or test.

Steps – Assignments (April 2014+)

Starting in the April 2014 release instructors can enable statistics by checking the “Show Statistics…” checkbox within the “Display of Grades” section of the assignment page.

Display of Grades Section within the Assignments Tool
Display of Grades Assignment Settings

Steps (Prior to April 2014)

If your institution is running Bb SP 14 or lower there will be a few additional steps. These steps will also apply to enabling statistics for tests on the April 2014+ release.

  1. Create your assignment.
  2. Go to Grade Center  > Full Grade Center.
  3. Find your assignment column, click the chevron, then click Edit Column Information.
  4. Scroll down to the Options header and check yes for “Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades.”
Grade Center Column Options
Grade Center Column Options

Student View Example

Student view of My Grades displaying grade statistics

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