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SQL: Find Courses with the Blackboard Collaborate Original B2 in the Course Menu


This SQL query will return a list of courses that contains the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager Tool Link in the course menu.


SELECT ct.label, ct.internal_handle, ct.enabled_ind, cm.course_name, cm.course_id
FROM PUBLIC.course_toc ct
INNER JOIN course_main cm
ON cm.pk1 = ct.crsmain_pk1
WHERE internal_handle = 'bb-collaborate-nav-1'
--Filter by Spring 2020 courses
--AND cm.course_name LIKE '%Spring2020%'
--Filter by courses with the tool link visible to students
--AND ct.enabled_ind = 'Y'
ORDER BY cm.course_name ASC

Eric Silva

Eric is an Instructional Technologist overseeing Online Student Support Initiatives at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and a graduate from Boise State University. Learn more about me.

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