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Using Blackboard to manage officer elections

Using Blackboard surveys is an easy way to manage club officer elections. For the past few years we have used the surveys module to track officer elections for National Honor Society, it can be very time consuming to have to count ballots that have five positions for easily 150 members. That’s when we decided to use Blackboard to manage surveys, we already use it to send out announcements, manage project signups and get shirt sizes, so why not officer elections. With that in mind we already had groups setup for each grade level. Since the survey only applied to sophomores and juniors it was easy to use adaptive release so that it was only available to them and not the seniors.

To start we had a meeting and said that elections would be done on Blackboard and that they would only have one week to cast their vote. So at the end of the week we closed the survey at midnight and by the next morning we could announce the winners. All we had to do was open up the attempt statistics and would look for the name that had the higher percentage. We could announce the winners from the last day of accepting ballots to the next morning.


  • Each position was a multiple choice question.
  • Each candidate was an answer choice.

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