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Using Blackboard to manage project signups

In a part 2 to my “Club Management through Blackboard Learn Series” I will discuss using groups to manage project signups.

So not only do we use blackboard to manage officer elections and other surveys we also use the groups feature to manage project signups. Blackboard is essential for the National Honor Society club at our school; as well as other clubs. So when it comes to having students sign up for community service projects it can be a big hassle to have one paper signup sheet and to schedule a time for the student to go to the sponsor’s classroom to sign up. With today’s technology we want to do things “now”, in real time, so why not use blackboard. Through Blackboard’s groups interface we create self-enroll groups and set the maximum number of members we need (if necessary) and just tell them members to go online and sign up. It’s easier for them to sign up whenever they have a chance and it’s easier for the sponsor to just print out a list of members, not to mention all the collaboration tools groups’ offers.

In part 3 I will discuss how we have customized Grade Center to take attendance, manager service hours, etc.

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