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Why are some tools missing in Blackboard?

Have you ever noticed that a specific tool might be available in one course, but not the other? Don’t worry; you didn’t break Blackboard; that tool probably just isn’t enabled in that particular course.

From the Control Panel, click Customization, then Tool Availability. The Tool Availability page is like an inventory of all the available tools you can use in your course. From this list, you can find your tool and enable it.

There are four options on how to enable these tools:

  • Available – Makes the tool available throughout the entire course.
  • Visible to Guests – Gives guests a read-only view of the tool.
  • Visible to Observers/Parents – Gives users with an Observer/Parent role a read-only view of the tool.
  • Available in Content Area – Enables the tool in content area menus.

Eric Silva

Eric is a Systems Analyst and Blackboard Administrator at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and a graduate from Boise State University. Learn more about me.


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