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Never Miss a Blackboard Alert with Notifications

When students have all notification settings enabled, it is probably impossible for them not to view the notification. There are currently 20 notification types that can be viewed within My Blackboard, Dashboard Modules, Email, as Push Notifications on a smartphone (Mobile Learn), as an SMS Text Message, and as a Text-to-Voice call.

NOTE: It is up to each institution to choose which notification mediums they want to enable.

Notification Types

  • Announcement Available
  • Assignment Available
  • Assignment Due or Past Due
  • Assignment Needs Grading
  • Content Item Available
  • Course/Organization Available
  • Course Message Received
  • Discussion Board Forum Needs Grading
  • Discussion Board Thread Needs Grading
  • Item Due
  • Item Graded
  • Journal or Blog Needs Grading
  • Survey Available
  • Survey Due
  • Survey Overdue
  • Test Available
  • Test Due
  • Test Overdue
  • Unread Blogs, Journals, and Discussions
  • Wiki Needs Grading

Edit Notification Settings

View instructions to edit notification settings.

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