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Blackboard launches ‘New School’ Design Language

Blackboard has recently announced its “World-Class Design Language System” called New School. According to their website, the goal of New School “is to create beautiful designs that are easy to use and support the academic journey.” It’s exciting to see Blackboard follow Google’s Material Design approach to provide a consistent UI across all platforms and devices. Screenshots show possible new Learn 2015 features such as an Offline mode on the mobile app. A microsite has been created giving specific information in five categories: Language, Design Method/Philosophy, Interaction, Motion, and Visual.

The Story

Blackboard’s New School Design Language System

Design Method / Philosophy

Blackboard New School Design Language System: Design Method & Philosophy

The Language – Overview

Introduction to the Blackboard New School Design Language System

All information, graphics & videos copyright Blackboard. The information is available via the Blackboard New School microsite.

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