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Personalize your course: Add student names to content

Personalize your Blackboard course by automatically adding your student’s names to content items such as Emails and Announcements. By using Blackboard variables, you can easily add a student’s name, username, course name, course ID, and course role to several content types. If you’ve used mail merge in Word or Excel, it works the same, except you won’t have to identify a data source. Simply add the variable to the location where you would like the information to appear.

Available Variables:

Context ItemContext VariableExample Output
Username@[email protected]@X@jsmith
User Full Name@[email protected]_name@X@John Smith
Course ID@[email protected]@X@BIO101
Course Name@[email protected]_name@X@Introduction to Concepts in Biology
Course Membership Role@[email protected]@X@student
Available Blackboard Template Variables

These variables will work within any content textbox, however, they will not be recognized in content titles.

E-Mail Example:

With VariablesPublished View

Welcome @[email protected]_name@X@!

We are excited that you enrolled in @[email protected]_name@X@ (@[email protected]@X@).

Your username is: @[email protected]@X@

Welcome John Smith!

We are excited that you enrolled in Introduction to Concepts in Biology (BIO101).

Your username is: jsmith

Email Example with Blackboard Template Variables

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