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30 Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do!

Notes based on Andreas Johansson‘s ISTE presentation “30 Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do!” Video of his presentation is available at:

  1. Movie Showtimes: “movie title [zip code]” (EX. “The Internship 78251”)
  2. City Population: “San Antonio population”
  3. Facts about people: “Davy Crockett Death”
  4. Facts: “Mount Everest height”
  5. Sports: “San Antonio Spurs”
  6. Weather: “weather San Antonio TX”
  7. Sunrise: “sunrise San Antonio”
  8. Local time: “time”
  9. Foreign time: “time Sweden”
  10. Dates of holidays: “2013 Christmas eve”
  11. Calculate: “5+2” OR search Calculator
  12. Convert: “5280 feet into meters”
  13. Stocks: “GOOG”
  14. Define: “define polyglot”
  15. Translate: “translate the dog ate my homework into spanish”
  16. Food: “barbecue restaurant San Antonio Riverwalk”
  17. Drive time: “Akron OH to Chicago IL”
  18. Remove results: “Spurs -basketball”
  19. Search within a website: “population statistics”
  20. Phrases: “phrases close your eyes and I’ll kiss you”
  21. Filetype: “hand washing filetype:pdf”
  22. Reading level: Search Tools, Reading Level
  23. Related: “”
  24. Google Trends: Real Time (
  25. Public Data Explorer: (
  26. Search by image
  27. Google Voice (
  28. Google Translate (
  29. Google Alerts (
  30. Chrome:
    • Pin Tabs
    • CTRL + SHIFT + T: Opens recently closed tab
    • CTRL + SHIFT + N: Open new window in incognito mode.
    • CTRL + 1 through CTRL+8: Switches to the tab at the specified position.
    • CTRL+Tab or CTRL+PgDown: Switches to next tab.
    • CTRL+Shift+Tab or CTRL+PgUp: Switches to previous tab.

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