EesySoft popup message notifying faculty that have access Tegrity during a defined window.
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Notifying Users Based on Tool Adoption

With our migration from Tegrity to Panopto, we needed a way to track and communicate with our faculty who were still utilizing Tegrity. To complete this task we utilized EesySoft Reporting and Messaging. With EesyReporting we could track the usage of our “Tegrity Classes” link that is located in all course menus. We could then use EesyMessaging to create a campaign that would target the instructors who accessed the link between a predetermined time frame. This would ensure that our marketing was targeted to specific users who clicked the link during July and August.

How We Did It

  1. We created a monitor to track the “Tegrity Classes” link that’s located in all course menus.
  2. Utilizing the Tool Adoption Report we created a campaign filter that was set to our 2-Month period and to the Instructor Usergroup Role.
  3. We created a campaign with the newly created filter and active users.
  4. We created a Popup Message with our information and assigned it to our Tegrity campaign.
EesySoft Campaign Details for our Tegrity Final Announcement
EesySoft Campaign Details for our Tegrity Final Announcement

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