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Using EesySoft To Identify Specific Links

As part of our migration away from Tegrity, we knew that in addition to embedded videos, there were also courses that contained links to Tegrity. While embedded videos are much easier to identify, links are not. To assist in the process of locating these Tegrity links, we turned to EesySoft.

Through EesyMessaging we were able to create monitors that scanned content for links pointing to, and when found, would display a popup message and hint message. We utilized a popup message to notify the user as soon as they landed on a page containing a Tegrity link. We then used a hint message to highlight the link so our users could quickly locate the URL. They would simply scroll the page and wait for the hint message to appear.

How We Did It

  1. Utilizing the producer, we created a monitor to search for links containing “” in the URL field.
  2. We created a popup message to notify users that the page contained a Tegrity link.
  3. We created a hint message to notify users of the specific link.
  4. We deployed the message based on their Blackboard institution role.
Screenshot of an EesySoft Hint Message highlighting a Tegrity URL
EesySoft Hint Message

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