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July 2018Blackboard World 2018integrating a 24/7 all-in-one support center in blackboard
As the growth in online and hybrid courses rapidly increase, it is key that students, faculty and staff are equipped with the necessary support services. Join the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley as they highlight their implementation of a support center that provides proactive assistance and 24/7 live support, all within one integrated ticketing system. Presenters will share their rollout of Eesysoft Support and Messaging, and Blackboard Student Services Help Desk.
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Past Presentations

November 2016UTRGV Continuing EducationTECHNOLOGY IN THE WORKPLACE
This session discussed the implementation of social media in your organization and the utilization of online tools improve collaboration, efficiency and service. This presentation was given as part of the UTRGV Continuing Education Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program.
March 2016SXSWeduSlow Pitch: An EdTech Design ThinkTank
Session Description: Join an interactive thinktank and pitch session where startups, mentors and the audience will dialogue and hone startups’ products so that they will transform learning and penetrate K-12 school markets. Selected edtech startups will provide demos, evidence of real/potential impact, and marketing/monetization plans prior to SXSWedu. At the summit, we’ll cultivate a focused, generative dialogue between the startups, the 10+ educator, research, and business mentors, and the audience in demos, targeted mentoring, and pitch style discussions. Audience participation will be curated throughout with twitter, polls, and open-mic opps. This design thinktank will help emerging edtech advance and innovate.
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July 2015Blackboard World 2015STUDENT PERSPECTIVE
Shared my experiences with Blackboard technologies to attendees.
August 2014South Texas ISD: District In-ServiceIntroduction to Blackboard Learn for Teachers
This session will introduce teachers to the Blackboard Learning Management System. Lessons will include establishing a course structure, creating and managing content, using course communication tools, and using interactive tools.
July 2014Blackboard World 2014Panel Discussion: “The Role of Student Influence on Education: Power Players or Marketing Minions?”
Join our panel and weigh in: Do you believe that students wield more power and have greater choice than ever before? Or do you question whether or not that’s actually true, perhaps feeling like the day is still yet to come where student needs and desires drive institutional change? Have your perspectives heard here.
August 2013South Texas ISD: District In-ServiceIntroduction to Blackboard Learn for Teachers
This session will introduce teachers to the Blackboard online  program. Lessons will include how to create assignments,  calendars, as well as emailing students and creating discussion  boards.
June 2013ISTE ConferenceStudent Perspective, Blackboard Booth
Shared my experiences with Blackboard Learn to attendees at the Blackboard Booth
September 2012South Texas ISD: Science AcademyIntroduction to Blackboard Learn for Teachers

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