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It is evident that technology in the classroom is here to stay. Here is a list of educational tools to help enhance your classroom.

This list will continue to updated. Have a tool that you’d like to add?

[ig_toggle accordion=”1″ icon=”” label=”Backchannel Applications” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”2″ icon=”” label=”Citation Generator” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”3″ icon=”” label=”Class Communication” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”4″ icon=”” label=”Class Websites & Blogging Tools” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”5″ icon=”” label=”Classroom Management” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”6″ icon=”” label=”Cloud Storage” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”7″ icon=”” label=”Connect with other Classrooms” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”8″ icon=”” label=”Forms & Surveys” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”9″ icon=”” label=”Online Learning (Learning Management Systems)” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”10″ icon=”” label=”Portfolios” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”11″ icon=”” label=”Presentation Tools” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”13″ icon=”” label=”Science” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”14″ icon=”” label=”Screen Capture Tools” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”15″ icon=”” label=”Student Response Systems” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”16″ icon=”” label=”Student Study Tools” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle] [ig_toggle accordion=”17″ icon=”” label=”Video Creation Tools” onload=”closed”] [/ig_toggle]

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