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10 Helpful Ways to Search for Tweets

Find the specific tweets you’re looking for by using these 10 search operators.

OperatorPopulates tweets…Example
andincluding both queries you specify.GAFE AND SAMR
orincluding either queries you specify.#ISTE15 OR #ISTE2015
excluding a phrase.EdTech -Blackboard
“double quotes”including the exact phrase.“Bloom’s Taxonomy”
tosent to the user you
fromsent from the user you specify.from:@Google
nearnear the location you specify. near:San Antonio
filterfiltered by images, verified (accounts), news, replies, hashtags, links#DigCit filter:images
since:yyyy-mm-ddsent since the date you specify. (Must use Year-Month-Day format)Google Classroom since:2014-08-12
until:yyyy-mm-ddsent up to the date you specify.Blackboard until:2014-07-15
10 Twitter Search Operators and Examples

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