Multiple Hashtags in a TweetDeck column

Eric Silva

Eric is an Instructional Designer at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and a Graduate Student at Boise State University. Learn more about me.

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  1. October 1, 2014

    […] UPDATE: Another hashtag to follow is #BbWorldK12Live. Is it #BbWorld14 or #BbWorld2014? The official hashtag is #BbWorld14, but don't miss out on any of the tweets by searching multiple hashtags in TweetDeck. When modifying or creating a column use "#BbWorld14 OR #BbWorld2014." This search query will populate your feed with all tweets that are using the hashtag #BbWorld14 or #BbWorld2014. You may also choose to include the hashtag #BbWorld, but that will probably return more tweets about the Blackberry App Store than the Blackboard conference. This same search operation can be used on Twitter (Desktop & App).  […]

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