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TweetDeck: Changing the Column Width and Font Size

With the fast pace and many resources of Twitter Edu, you may want to fit more content on your TweetDeck. To do this, you can change the width of your columns and change the font size. Additionally, you can customize the theme from Light to Dark.


  1. Open the Settings Module.

    The steps to access the settings will vary, but it is typically found in the sidebar or in the menu bar.

    Web Browser: Click Settings from the sidebar, then click Settings again.
    Mac: From the Menu Bar, click TweetDeck, then Preferences.
    TweetDeck Settings

  2. Make your selections for Theme, Column Width, and Font Size.

    From the General tab, you make your choices of Light or Dark mode, column width, and the size of the font.
    TweetDeck Settings with Theme, Columns, and Font Size highlighted

  3. Click Done.

    Once you’ve made your selections, click Done.

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