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UT System launches Influuent

The University of Texas System has launched Influuent a website “to promote and expand the research, knowledge-creation, and innovation of UT faculty.” With Influuent users can search through more than 15,000 faculty research profiles from the UT System. Users can also search for research outputs, research units, equipment and journals.1

According to a UT System Press Release:

The UT System is the first major university system in the nation to launch a database with such capabilities. Influuent is the gateway to more than 15,000 UT System researchers who have produced nearly 110,000 publications in the last five years in science, medicine, engineering, energy, transportation and business.

“The University of Texas System has research expenditures of nearly $2.7 billion and a wealth of faculty experts for public- and private-sector organizations to tap into with Influuent,” said Patricia Hurn, vice chancellor for research and innovation.

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