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seekUT: College Degree Data in ONE Portal

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seekUT (Search + Earnings + Employment = Knowledge), is a powerful interactive tool that aggregates data on degree earnings, range of earnings, student loan debt, and more from The University of Texas System‘s graduates. This tool was proposed by former Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa’s Student Debt Reduction Task Force and created by the UT System’s Office of Strategic Initiatives.1 seekUT provides a plethora of information on nearly 400 degree majors from 14 UT institutions based on 210,000 UT Graduates working full-time in Texas.2

There are currently two versions of seekUT: seekUT Undergrad and SeekUT+Grad

For Prospective Students

seekUT is a great tool for prospective undergraduate and graduate students as it provides a window into what the Texas workforce has historically looked like. Students can view median earnings for 1, 5, and 10 years after graduation with the average student loan debt based on a major at a specific UT institution. Users can also compare median earnings of all majors at a specific UT institution via a bubble chart. Detailed information on areas of study that recent graduates are currently working in is also available. Another neat feature of seekUT is the “Future Jobs” section. Future Jobs show the predicted number of job openings each year through 2022 organized by Texas regions. Data can be filtered by area of study, occupation, and education requirements.

List of seekUT undergrad Modules

  1. About SeekUT
  2. seekUT Info Sheet

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