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Enabling Twitter Cards on a WordPress Site

Twitter Cards allow you to attach media to your tweets that’ll link back to your website content. As pictures are worth a thousand words, Twitter Cards are worth a thousand characters. There are many plugins that will allow you to enable Twitter Cards, but for this example I will use the JM Twitter Cards plugin.

Enabling Twitter Cards on your self-hosted WordPress site

  1. Download and Enable the JM Twitter Cards plugin.
  2. Complete the form by entering your twitter username and card type.
  3. Create a fallback image to be used when a featured image is not available.

Validate & Apply

Once you’ve completed the steps above you must validate that your Twitter card integration is working via Twitter’s Developer Card Validator. After you have verified that all the information is correct you must then ‘Request Domain Approval.’ To do so click the ‘Request Approval’ button from the Validator page and complete the form.

NOTE: If you plan on using Twitter Cards on multiple subdomains I suggest when applying using the wildcard ‘*’ before your domain so the entire domain will be approved. (EX: *.google.com)

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