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Zaption: An Interactive Learning Experience

Zaption is a web app that allows instructors to turn a standard lecture video into an interactive learning experience. An instructor can drag-and-drop text, image, drawing, and question tiles directly onto a video or into the sidebar which appears to the right of the video. Below is an example of an Open Response question in the sidebar.

Zaption Video Player with Question Screenshot

Zaption takes online learning to the next level. Students are no longer just watching a video, probably bored and not paying attention. They are now interacting with the video, having an engaging learning experience.

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Available Tiles:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Drawing
  • Open Response
  • Numerical Response (Pro)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Check Boxes
  • Draw Response (Pro)
  • Discussion (Pro)
  • Replay (Pro)
  • Jump (Pro)

Zaption Welcome Video


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